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In the first CoinGeek Weekly Livestream of 2023, Kurt Wuckert Jr. talked to the SmartLedger team about what they’ve been working on, including live demonstrations of their products. This episode was broadcast from the Bitcoin citadel in South Florida.

Welcome to the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream 2023

Wuckert explains that so many people are doing so many great things in BSV that it’s difficult to keep up. He wanted the livestream to highlight the various things happening in the ecosystem, and he’s determined to talk to as many interesting characters and entrepreneurs as possible.

In this spirit, Wuckert welcomes Bryan Daugherty, a friend, and former colleague who now works as part of the SmartLedger team. Daugherty appears on this episode of the livestream with his colleagues Greg Ward and Shawn Ryan.

What is SmartLedger?

To begin the show, Wuckert asks Daugherty to give an overview of SmartLedger. He calls it a “hybrid distribution channel,” saying they serve as a way for developers to distribute their products.

SmartLedger also creates “companies as a product.” Daugherty names CertiHash, one which BSVers may already be familiar with. He also mentions TicketMint and Enterprise Elements, two other SmartLedger bespoke solutions.

“This is a year of utility,” Daugherty says, pointing to the proof of concept/MVPs SmartLedger has created so far. The rest of the show is dedicated to showcasing some of these.

Introducing Satosender

Greg Ward introduces Satosender, a Bitcoin faucet capable of micropayments and transactions.

Every day, anyone can log into Satosender using Handcash to receive 5,000 satoshis. He shows how these transactions are logged on the BSV blockchain. Once a day, there’s a daily winner. Ward shows how today’s winner got 50,000 satoshis.

This is only possible because of the extremely low transaction fees on the BSV blockchain. It’s like the good old days of Bitcoin, as Wuckert remembers them.

What is VanitySV?

“This is more for fun,” Ward begins in this segment, noting that he understands we shouldn’t reuse BSV addresses.

Ward uses ‘KWJ’ as the vanity address, utilizing Wuckert’s initials, and shows how the product works. He paid 5,000 sats for 5,000 guesses, and it took 25,000 guesses, costing him 25,000 sats for this address.

Encrypted messages with MetaMeet

Ward begins his demonstration of MetaMeet with a few shoutouts. He starts by acknowledging Luke Rohenaz and Joshua Henslee for their involvement in BitChat and for giving him great information over the years.

Ward then showcases that when you land on MetaMeet, you are given a unique room key. You could also share this with someone, enabling them to enter the room. He then shows how the tool can be used to send encrypted messages between two parties, complete with unique transaction IDs.

Ward explains that unless someone had the unique room key, it would be near impossible to decrypt a message backwards.—Verified voting on the blockchain

Blockchain-authenticated voting has been a hot topic over the last few years, and Ward demonstrates a tool that makes that possible next. It utilizes blockchain and HandCash to vote on a topic, creating a verified, authenticated voting campaign.

He shows a current vote: what is the most useful blockchain? He chooses BSV, of course, and shows how the process works, including how to create a new campaign.

Dividing payments with PayCircles

The final SmartLedger proof of concept Ward introduces is PayCircles. It’s a simple and easy way to create percentages for payments. For example, a team could be involved in building an application, and the division of satoshis coming in from the fees could be distributed using something like this.

Ward gives a live demonstration of how payments can be divided in real-time. He creates a pay circle between Wuckert, Alex Moon, Craig Wright, Sirtoshi, Joshua Henslee, and George Siosi.

Rare Generation Publishing

Blockchain technology can revolutionize how many things are done, and Ward turns his attention to digital rights management for music next. He explains how they developed Rare Generation Publishing to tackle this. Using the first 10 Handcash handles posted in the chat box, he shows how the rights of a song can be divided up.

Daugherty explains that once you upload a song, it’s connected to Streamable.FM, and payments are distributed according to the split outlined on the Rare Generation platform.

“Imagine Taylor Swift publishing on something like this and giving 25% to her favorite charity in perpetuity,” Daugherty says, hinting at the power of such a platform and its transformative potential.

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YouTube video

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