Things are heating up in the world of BSV blockchain, with the collapse of the “crypto house of cards” well underway and a renewed level of excitement hitting the ecosystem as we enter a new year. Today we’re going to look at the buzz surrounding SmartLedger, especially regarding their proof of concept (POC) development news and expansion into the booming Middle East market.

As Zack Resnick said at The Unbounded Capital Summit in NYC last September, the game is about showing versus telling the world what we can do with BSV. It’s about creating utility. And this is exactly what the team behind SmartLedger is doing with their long list of POCs, which will soon be launched to MVPs.

So what is SmartLedger anyway?

SmartLedger is a company that delivers enterprise blockchain solutions and bespoke app development, with a special focus on the BSV blockchain and its unique ability to scale and power a world of micro and nano payments. Greg Ward, the Chief Development Officer of SmartLedger, also a musician, was happy to share some details on the innovation behind the eight POCs he put together in days and the role blockchain tech plays in each of them.

The purpose of blasting out so many POCs in the new year, as discussed during Joshua Henslee’s interview with SmartLedger’s Bryan Daugherty, is to get creative minds thinking with examples and ignite ideas on what blockchain tech can power.

We’ll start with POCs Rare Generation and Streamable FM, both focusing on improving the music industry for artists and consumers by prioritizing Digital Rights Management and streaming.

“Rare Generation enables artists and publishers to publish content and specify ownership percentages on the public, immutable, Bitcoin SV blockchain. Premium members will have their content immediately available on Streamable FM for consumers to stream,” Ward explained.

“Utilizing Rare Generation’s on-chain publishing and digital rights management information, Streamable FM offers a global, latency-free content streaming service that instantly pays writers and publishers, as listeners access the content. This service generates significantly more revenue per stream compared to Spotify and provides an unchangeable record of streaming payments,” he added.

The ability to transact in micropayments is one of the biggest innovations of Bitcoin (and the blockchain that powers it), and both micro/nano payments and microtransactions are at the core of Rare Generation and Streamable FM.

“The ability to send micropayments allows Rare Generation users the ability to divide ownership percentages of content down to single percentages. While this may not seem significant, it enables Streamable FM to instantly pay stakeholders sub-cent fees without intermediaries or friction,” Ward said.

“By eliminating the barriers that traditional streaming platforms have, Streamable FM can provide content creators with many more times the revenue of Spotify,” he confirmed.

A unique feature of these two POCs—in addition to the remaining six on the list—is that they are accessible to users via a universal HandCash login. I asked Ward to elaborate on the benefits of logging in through HandCash and how this simplifies the process for users.

“Universal logins make it easy for users to take advantage of the capabilities of scalable blockchain technology; such as secure digital asset ownership and transfer, identity verification, and micropayments,” he said.

“Single-sign on solutions like HandCash and other paymail providers allow users to easily access the power of the blockchain without having to remember a lengthy private key or set of 12 words. This will accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology,” he pointed out.

“SmartLeder is actively building our own single sign-on solution/Multi-pass Enterprise BSV Wallet, called E2. We currently utilize this wallet for our other applications, TicketMint and Certihash, as an asset management and Identity solution,” Ward revealed.

In addition to these music industry applications, Ward is working on six additional POCs in the pipeline, all on their way to becoming MVPs:

Verified Votes is an innovative new application that enables users to create custom campaigns and polls and publish them on the blockchain for a permanent and verifiable data record. Campaign creators are given a unique URL to share with others to participate and post their votes on the blockchain. This can be used for board meetings, verifiable social media polls, and much more.

Metameet is an encrypted, verifiable, blockchain-based communication tool. It allows users to generate a unique encryption/decryption key and URL to share with others. Using the blockchain and mempool, we can create instant, encrypted, and verifiable messaging chains. This can be used for contract negotiations, social media, security, etc.

VanitySV was an application created and built in less than a couple of hours. Users can have fun seeing if they can find a custom BSV address. It costs 5000k Satoshis per 5000 guesses.

FilterSV is a customizable blockchain search tool that lets users choose a phrase and monitor the mempool in real-time to see filtered transactions. For example, a user could enter the term “twetch” or “streamablefm.”

Satosender is a recently launched application that serves as a Bitcoin SV faucet and giveaway platform. Users can visit Satosender daily to log in and receive 5000k Satoshis. Once a user registers for the first time, they are eligible to win a daily 50k Satoshi giveaway and have a chance to win NFTs, music, and other prizes.

Paycircles is a blockchain-powered value distribution platform where users can create circles of recipients’ paymail handles and percentages, publish the circle to the blockchain, and call up in the future to pay the circle of recipients.

To hear more about these POCs from Ward himself, make sure to catch the first episode of the CoinGeek Livestream season three, during which he shares details on all of them.

In addition to all the development work Ward has been busy with, Blockchain Smart Technologies, a subsidiary of SmartLedger, recently opened up an office in Dubai to enable expansion into the booming Middle East.

So why did they choose Dubai over the other hotspots in the region?

“Modern Dubai is the most active and attractive business technological hub of the Middle East. Here is where individuals and companies from all over the world set their roots to become a part of this thriving ecosystem,” Eva Porras, CEO of Blockchain Smart Technologies, said.

“Dubai began to set itself apart already in 2018, after its ruler H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, launched the UAE Blockchain Strategy 2021 and set the Emirate’s path stating ‘Dubai will never settle for anything less than first place,’” she said.

“We established ourselves in Dubai because we share this vision and want to be amongst those who will not settle for a second-place role in leading this technological revolution,” Porras added.

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