Southern California Blockchain Summit October 28th 2022 | Held at the Historic Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles, CA.

An exclusive informational luncheon will be held Friday, October 28, 2022 from 12 noon until 3:30 pm PST at The Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles, CA.

During this event, a select group of VIP attendees will learn how scalable blockchain utility is disrupting their respective industries with a focus on Music, Entertainment, Retail and Food Industries.

Designed to be a personalised, all-inclusive experience, guests will have an opportunity to learn directly from industry experts about:

  • Blockchain Utility Beyond Cryptocurrency
  • Enhanced Digital Rights Management
  • Instant Micropayments to Creators and Stakeholders
  • Utility NFT’s for Music, Publishing, Ticketing, and Metaverse
  • Creating, Receiving, Sending and Using Tokens
  • and much more…

Participants will have exclusive access to using web3 applications beyond pitch decks and demos. Creators will be showcasing their applications and the benefits of each, offering seamless client and consumer engagement at its finest, with focus on; digital rights management, instant micropayments to stakeholders, and the enhanced security and efficiencies that blockchain has to offer as a content distribution network.

Speakers Include:

The landmark Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel opened on May 15, 1927
Home of the first Academy Awards

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