The SmartLedger team has kicked off 2023 with a flurry of media appearances. Bryan Daugherty, Greg Ward, and other team members have appeared on several podcasts already this year.

On January 17, Dr. Eva Porras, the Managing Director of SmartLedger, appeared on the Blockchain DXB podcast. Check it out via this link or read a written summary below.

Introducing Dr. Eva Porras

The Blockchain DXB host, George, asks Dr. Porras to introduce herself and tell us about her recent trip to Dubai.

Dr. Porras explains that she often travels to Dubai because it’s a very exciting place to be in right now. She introduces herself as a well-traveled person with an eclectic range of interests ranging from literature to photography, eventually doing a PhD in Finance in the United States. She’s particularly interested in financial bubbles, something which comes in useful when dealing with the digital currency industry in its current form.

What is SmartLedger, and why does it use BSV?

Dr. Porras is MD of SmartLedger. George asks her to tell the audience about it and the core problem it’s trying to solve.

“SmartLedger is a company with a philosophy—using blockchain technology to solve business problems,” Dr. Porras says. While it’s first and foremost a distribution channel, it has also started creating its own solutions, such as TicketMint and various applications. The SmartLedger team recently demonstrated some of these solutions for CoinGeek.

Which blockchain does SmartLedger use? Bitcoin SV—the original Bitcoin protocol. George notes that most people in the ‘crypto’ space are critics of BSV and asks what advantages it offers. Dr. Porras says that the BSV protocol is set in stone, and that’s the main advantage. It’s fast, scalable, and stable, setting it well ahead of the competition.

“The survival of the industry depends on making this technology available,” she says, detailing how Satoshi Nakamoto made micropayments possible, and that’s the main point of this technology.

Why did the firm choose to move to Dubai and enter the Middle East? What went into that decision? SmartLedger was there for the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in May 2022. Dr. Porras stayed longer and had many different meetings, and that’s when the company decided to move in and immediately began the process.

How is SmartLedger planning to deal with the competition in Dubai? Tailor-made solutions that solve real problems rather than generic packages are the key.

Educating customers and overcoming challenges in the industry

Dr. Porras says that at this stage, potential customers should listen closely and educate themselves. “Don’t go with the flow,” she says, highlighting how backtracking when you choose the wrong technology is difficult.

SmartLedger genuinely wants companies to choose the best technology for them, and it’s a priority to educate and help customers decide on the best solution.

George notes that 2022 was a challenging year for the industry and asks how SmartLedger has overcome or plans to overcome its hurdles. Dr. Porras says that the year has been a blessing and a curse, but the prices of speculative tokens don’t impact the company as it does not buy, sell, or trade digital currencies.

What should we expect in the coming years? Dr. Porras is hesitant to give advice as “advice depends on your perspective,” but generally, she says to look at what people do rather than what they say and look back and see what has happened since 2000. She urges people to be careful and do what’s right for their organizations and countries.

Will digital currencies replace fiat currencies?

Dr. Porras doesn’t think digital currencies will completely replace fiat. Instead, she thinks they will complement each other. Bitcoin was invented because fiat currencies couldn’t do nanopayments.

However, she believes the world will change a lot due to this technology. Financial services, banking, and the processes they rely on will all undergo a sort of revolution thanks to blockchain technology.

Key takeaways from this podcast

  • SmartLedger is a blockchain distribution platform that also creates its own applications and solutions. Its philosophy is to use blockchain technology to solve business problems.
  • SmartLedger uses the BSV blockchain. It’s the fastest, most scalable proof-of-work blockchain with low fees that enable micro- and nanopayments.
  • The company has recently moved into Dubai and plans to work in the wider Middle East. It sees a huge amount of potential in this area.
  • Dr. Eva Porras, the Managing Director at SmartLedger, thinks education and understanding the true purpose of blockchain are crucial at this stage. She advises potential clients to compare the different blockchain protocols and understand what the technology is all about.
  • Dr. Porras does not think digital currencies like Bitcoin will replace fiat currencies. She thinks they will complement each other, but the BSV blockchain will create a revolution of sorts as the processes the financial industry relies on and utilizes are overhauled.

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