WEB3CO2 - Pioneering Sustainable Innovation in Blockchain Technology

WEB3CO2 offers a cutting-edge WEB3 CO2 Energy Index Framework, an intuitive Rating System, and an Efficiency Rating to navigate the environmental impact of WEB3 technology.


Our platform provides detailed insights into the energy consumption and carbon footprint of leading blockchain technologies, emphasizing Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains like Bitcoin Core (BTC), Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Join the forefront of eco-conscious blockchain technology with WEB3CO2. Dive into our extensive resources, use our innovative tools like the CO2 Footprint Tracker, and stay informed with daily updated data. Make environmentally informed decisions in the WEB3 space - start exploring now!
WEB3CO2 Energy Index Tool

WEB3CO2 is committed to harmonizing technological advancement with environmental stewardship. Our platform offers:


  1. Comprehensive Analytics: Detailed analysis of energy consumption and CO2 emissions of PoW blockchain networks, enabling informed decisions.
  2. Daily Updated Data: Stay ahead with the most current information on blockchain energy dynamics.
  3. User-Friendly Tools: Easily assess your blockchain impact with tools like the Instant CO2 Footprint Analysis.

Features and Capabilities:


  • Energy Index Framework: A robust system measuring the energy dynamics of WEB3 technologies.
  • Rating System: Evaluate the environmental impact of different blockchains with our intuitive rating system.
  • Efficiency Rating: A meticulous rating that highlights the energy efficiency of blockchain networks.
  • Transaction Analysis: In-depth analysis of transaction throughput, average fees, and their economic implications.
  • Methodological Rigor: Our approach is grounded in extensive research and the latest methodologies in blockchain energy analysis.
  • User Engagement Tools: Interactive tools like the CO2 Footprint Tracker for BTC and BSV transactions.
  • Educational Resources: Extensive research papers and eBooks to deepen understanding of blockchain economics and sustainability.