SmartGrow Agritech - Cultivating the Future of Sustainable Farming

SmartGrow Agritech, established in 2018 by founder Alex Mann, emerged from a quest to enhance backyard gardening into a sophisticated network of IoT devices integrated with edge-to-cloud connectivity and blockchain technology.


At the heart of SmartGrow is a commitment to environmental sustainability and green production practices. “The more you know, the better you grow” is the philosophy that drives us to innovate and provide cutting-edge agricultural solutions. With an array of products designed for both indoor and outdoor agricultural needs, SmartGrow is revolutionizing the farming landscape with data-driven precision, increased yields, and a global network of collaborative farming expertise.

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SmartGrow Agritech: Cultivating the Future of Sustainable Farming

SmartGrow Agritech stands at the forefront of agritech innovation, offering a blend of technological sophistication and environmental stewardship. Our solutions are designed to empower farmers with increased crop yields and reduced operational costs, all while fostering green production practices. By integrating precise monitoring and automation technologies, we enable our clients to optimize their agricultural processes.


Our commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in our efforts to offset CO2 emissions and promote a healthier planet. We provide farmers with high-resolution, immutable data captured on a public blockchain, facilitating accurate and informed decision-making. Our global reach extends through a network of partner farmers and businesses worldwide, creating a rich pool of shared knowledge and resources.

Features and Capabilities:


Indoor Solutions:

  • Automation Grow Kits: Seamlessly integrate our easy plug-and-play kits for remote monitoring and management of indoor gardens, bringing modern efficiency to traditional practices.

Outdoor Solutions:

  • UAV Products: Leverage advanced spectrometry and LIDAR technology for detailed land analysis and crop management.
  • Weather Monitoring System: Stay ahead of the elements with our remote tracking system, providing up-to-the-minute weather metrics through user-friendly applications.
  • Custom Reports and Maps: Receive tailored insights and recommendations for optimal crop management and improved harvests.

Strategic Partnerships:

  • SmartLedger Integration: Benefit from our collaboration with leading blockchain technology providers to ensure accurate and scalable environmental data recording.
  • Collaborations with Pure Shenandoah and Hemisphere Farms: Our partnerships demonstrate success in increasing hemp output and greenhouse automation, paving the way for more effective farming methods.

Remote Crop Monitoring:

  • Stay informed with accessible, real-time data on crop conditions, enabling efficient and proactive management even for the busiest farmers.

SmartGrow Agritech is more than just a provider of agricultural technology; it’s a partner in your journey towards more productive, sustainable, and informed farming. Join us in cultivating the future of agriculture.