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GripID is a one-of-a-kind piece of technology, embedding a wide range of custom interfaces such as professional biometric readers, infrared cameras for facial or iris recognition, contact and contactless cards etc. With a focus on data security, our patented pairing system allows an instant password-less yet secure temporary connection.


In our SDK, we provide a full access to all the interfaces embedded in the GripID so the integrators can develop their own applications for any front-end device, including iOS based. Finally, GripID can also provide autonomous ID check thanks to its long lasting battery, LEDs and 4G connection.

Unlock the potential of secure identity management with GripID. Enhance your security protocols and ensure seamless operations with our advanced biometric device. Integrate GripID technology now and step into the future of identification and authentication.
grip id

GripID stands at the forefront of security innovation, offering a device that ensures encrypted data collection and identity verification through its patented wireless pairing technology.


With its versatility in connecting with multiple devices and embedded applications, GripID streamlines the process of identity control, making it faster, safer, and more reliable. Whether it’s for government APK results or secure data transmission, GripID is the cornerstone of next-gen identity management.

Features and Capabilities:


  • Biometric Integration: Incorporates a fingerprint sensor, smart card reader, and MRZ/OCR for comprehensive identity checks.

  • Facial/Iris Recognition: Utilizes infrared technology for accurate and secure facial and iris verification.

  • NFC Enabled: Near Field Communication (NFC) for quick data transfer and device communication.

  • Patented Secure Pairing: A wireless patented system ensures secure connections without the hassle of passwords.

  • Embedded Applications: Comes with in-built identity control applications for autonomous operations, including 5G database checking and results transmission to smartphones.

  • Cross-Platform SDK: Offers a Software Development Kit for integrators to create custom applications across different front-end devices, including iOS.

  • Autonomous ID Check: Equipped with long-lasting battery life, LED indicators, and 4G connectivity for independent operation.

  • Blockchain-Ready: Prepared for blockchain integrations to further enhance security and data integrity.