CERTIHASH – Redefining Cybersecurity With Blockchain Technology

CERTIHASH Sentinel Node represents a paradigm shift in cybersecurity measures. Developed in collaboration with IBM’s expertise and insights from Ponemon’s “Cost of a Data Breach Report”, Sentinel Node is designed to tackle the increasing severity and frequency of cyber-attacks with a revolutionary approach.


As a next-generation cybersecurity tool, it offers real-time detection and alerting of network anomalies and events, significantly reducing the time to identify and contain data breaches.

Don't wait for a breach to threaten your data integrity. Discover how CERTIHASH Sentinel Node's advanced cybersecurity, powered by blockchain technology, can protect and transform your organization's security posture.

720X faster than today’s mission critical detection average

1440X faster than today’s advanced detection average

4032X faster than today’s standard detection average

Sentinel Node represents a cutting-edge convergence of advanced cybersecurity practices and the reliability and integrity of blockchain technology. It’s not just a product but a leap forward in protecting digital assets and operations. Its rapid detection and alerting capabilities significantly reduce the duration from threat detection to response, mitigating risks and potential damages swiftly. This speed and efficiency are critical in a landscape where every second counts.


Moreover, Sentinel Node is scalable and customizable, offering solutions tailored for diverse organizational needs. Whether a small business or a large enterprise, it provides a flexible approach to cybersecurity, catering to businesses of all sizes and capacities. This adaptability ensures that as your organization grows and evolves, Sentinel Node continues to provide robust security solutions that meet your changing needs.

Features and Capabilities:


  • Rapid Detection: Sentinel Node’s capability for near-instant alerting and detection of threats sets a new standard in the industry, far surpassing current detection timelines.
  • Comprehensive Security Framework: It adopts and enhances practices from the NIST Cybersecurity Framework for identifying, protecting, detecting, responding, and recovering from cybersecurity threats.
  • Blockchain Integration: Utilizing the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) public blockchain, it ensures enhanced security and data integrity, elevating trust and reliability in the system.
  • Data Management: With Sentinel Node, sensitive data remains in-house with faster file integrity monitoring and permanent attestation of alert records, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.
  • Advanced Technology: Incorporating digital signatures, messaging channels, immutable records, timestamping, consensus, hashing, and proof of work, it stands at the forefront of technological innovation.
  • Efficiency Improvements: Dramatically improves upon log data retention, rotation, data transfer, and analysis times, optimizing operational efficiency.
  • Scalability and Support: Flexible SaaS pricing model and scalable solutions ensure that it meets the needs of various organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises, with comprehensive support.