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Certihash at GBC
Eva Porras - Managing Director
Bryan Daugherty - Chairman of SmartLedgre
20 +

Disruptive Applications

$ 1B +

Equity Value Creation

25 +

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Our Story

A Great Story Starts with Strong Values

A principle-centered company begins it's journey with a strong desire to serve and a resolve to provide the best solutions. Creativity begins with the right focus. Our bespoke solutions have reached into countless industries, providing valuations that are quite impressive.

SmartLedger Solutions

Our Team

The People Behind SmartLedger

Bringing your team the most up to date information, access, and expertise in blockchain technology, enterprise application, and education.
Bryan Daugherty, CCI, CBI, SME
Co-Founder & Chairman
Shawn Ryan
Co-Founder & CEO
Eva Porras, PhD
Managing Director
Gregory Ward
Chief Development Officer
Lauren Rojo, MBA
Senior Blockchain Project Manager
Shannon Farrar
Senior Blockchain Project Manager
Clayton Hussey
Blockchain Intern
Director of First Impressions

Our Office

Located Around the World

Our team is located diversely across the globe, providing cultural awareness, international connections, and up to date regulatory insight.
New Hampshire

New Hampshire

Tamworth, NH



San Diego, CA



Charlottesville, VA



Madrid, Spain

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