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Blockchain offers an honest, open, and stable architecture, providing the foundation for connected systems that can help to make better, real-time decisions, increase the efficiency of energy usage, and improve the overall quality of life.

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Next-Gen Solutions for Your Business Needs

We help companies understand the intricacies of the technology while identifying areas where blockchain use cases can be applied. Once use cases are identified, we develop and implement in-house solutions and leverage our network of strategic partners to bring operational efficiencies to life.

We provide the most up-to-date information about blockchain use cases and applications.

We provide premium access to cutting-edge technology and technical experts.

We provide expert consultation across all industries and sectors, with proven results.

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A Unique & Transformative Time

Our mission is to accelerate the coming of this newly born era where full accountability is present and business efficiency and effectiveness are the standard.

We live in a transformative time in human history. One that has never offered more abundance and opportunity, as well as its fair share of scarcity and impossibility.

Polarized political disagreement and a global pandemic have exposed the built-in flaws in how we have always worked and socialized. The archaic, siloed, chain of command, and the antiquated mentality of role-based hierarchies, have stagnated innovation and collaboration.

These combined forces have delivered a paradigm shift in the modern workplace that has been felt across the world, forcing entire industries to shut down, and limit staffing.

Every industry had no alternative outside of reinventing their business model to account for the drastic changes that had taken place, requiring the discovery of new supply chains and re-conceptualizing their business models.

Through this shift in global mindset and the breakthrough of regulatory friendly, secure and scalable blockchain technology, the concept of the efficient enterprise became more relevant than any other time in history. Blockchain is not only the catalyst but the infrastructure for a new era of enterprise efficiency, bringing next generation digital transformation to every industry.

At SmartLedger our focus has been on creating strategic partnerships with developers and innovators that allow us to offer the power of blockchain through a familiar technology distribution model. We have advanced the idea of the efficient enterprise and distributed workforce, incorporated it with reliable, enterprise-grade blockchain technologies to ignite an explosion of creativity and efficiency.

Our mission is to accelerate the coming of this newly born era where full accountability is present and business efficiency and effectiveness are the standard.


Agile & Innovative Process

With decades of experience as technology designers, creators, integrators, and distributors, our team works in close cooperation with our clients’ management to ensure the successful execution of the projects in time and budget.



Individuals and interactions over processes and tools



Working software over heavy documentation



Customer collaboration over contract negotiation



Responding to change over following a plan


We Collaborate with Real Blockchain Companies

Building a relationship with Smartledger brings not just a set of relationships with enterprise blockchain solutions and experts within the market, but also a wealth of insight into how to use those applications and solutions to create new efficiencies, revenue streams, and reduced overhead.

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    Tonic Pow

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    BSV Blockchain

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    Gorilla Pool

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    Gray Wolf

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    Bitcoin SV

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    IBM Consulting

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